Treat Social Club

Finn Kelly and Adam Theis have teamed up to produce The Treat Social Club, a monthly event featuring The Realistic Orchestra and other Bay Area bands. Click here for more

The Treat Social Club is an experimental arts venue in San Francisco featuring local musicians, dancers, visual artists, makers and game designers.   Held once at month at the headquarters of The Go Game, the event will be curated by Jazz Mafia founder Adam Theis and will feature many new wide-reaching directions in acoustic music. Local artists from the various disciplines will be invited to collaborate with the musicians to shape each event, which will be loosely base1d on a theme.  We encourage cross-disciplinary works and are excited to explore how technology and game theory can enhance audience engagement.

Admittance to the Treat Social Club is by invitation only and will be held on a Tuesday night from 7:30 to 10pm. There is a $15 cover charge which 80% will go straight to the performers.  Come as you are with a flask or a jug and a few bucks for some local eats too.

We invite artists from all walks to write to us at or if they are interested in collaborating.