Finn Kelly is the Co-Founder of The Go Game and the Treat Social Club.  His passion is in creating  performances, games and interactions for people that push their buttons and their limits.

As the son of an urban shaman mother and a critically acclaimed comedy director father, Finn Kelly grew up in a unique environment in downtown NYC.   In his talk, Finn describes how his mom introduced him to Joseph Campbell’s ideas about the Power of Myth and the Hero’s Journey, while his father prodded him to be a jazz musician.  But it wasn’t until he rebelled against both of them that he was led to his true passion as a rabblerousing game designer.  He is credited with starting the first location based cell phone game called The Go Game in 2001 as well as founding the Treat Social Club, an experimental performance venue in San Francisco for collaborative cross-disciplinary work.

Finn is currently working on the technology layer to connect performers with audiences, music with narratives and storytelling with movement.